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Our story began in 1967 with the Kimble board game, which was first manufactured in a small garage of the family that owns the company. Today, we are proud to offer fun and games to millions of customers by distributing our products to more than 80 countries all over the globe. We are based in Pori, Finland, where we also manufacture the vast majority of our games.

Our mission is to help our customers create fun and enjoyable moments that later turn into precious memories. Our products range from beloved classics to exciting new game innovations – games you want to play again and again! Enjoy a traditional game of Alias, dive into the enchanting Nordic realm of Lumo Stars or have a sporty game of Mölkky in your own backyard!

We pride ourselves on high-class Scandinavian quality, professionalism, as well as a responsible approach to ethical issues and the environment.

Tactic’s new games collection for 2021 is going to excite, educate, entertain and inspire all generations. From new learning resources for pre-schoolers developed in partnership with Finnish teachers, trivia challenges for older children, a series of crime scene detective games for adults and a new partnership with MasterChef, there really is something for everyone to play and enjoy this year.

Flags of the World

Learn how to play classic trivia game Flags of the World in 30 seconds. Guess the country of the flags you choose… If you get stuck, you can ask for clues.

Animals of the World

Learn how to play Animals of the World in 30 seconds. Take a trip around the world, meet and recognise amazing wild animals and answer questions about them.

Beach Bounce

Learn how to play pre-school game Beach Bounce in 30 seconds. Dolphins and Seals are going snout-to-snout in this fun and energetic challenge!

Hack My Password

Learn how to play Hack My Password in 30 seconds. Try to break through your opponents firewall and decode their password before they manage to hack you!

15 Minutes to Self-Destruct

Learn how to play 15 Minutes to Self-Destruct in 30 seconds. An asteroid has damaged the spaceship and set the computer on self-destruct mode. Work together with other players in an exciting race against the clock.

Mölkky, fun combination of chance and skill!

This easy-to-learn skittle-throwing game offers players a great opportunity to enjoy a little competition with friends and family. Just find a patch of grass, set up the pins and get knocking them down!


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