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By July 15, 2019No Comments

How successful was Toy Fair 2019 for you? 

The Toy Fair is a great launch pad for any new products for the season. For us it was a great aid for our Signature Cuddle Puppies and Glitter Motsu.

Why did you initially choose to exhibit at Toy Fair? 

We choose to exhibit at Toy Fair as it is a totally focused exhibition, it really is all about toys and you know that the buyers visiting the show are there to look for new toys for the upcoming year.

Why was it important for you to exhibit at Toy Fair again in 2020?

We know all the key toy buyers both national and independents will attend the fair and therefore a great place to launch new ranges. 2020 will be a big launch year for us so we will be very excited to be back!

Do you have any advice to other exhibitors/attendees at Toy Fair?

Plan well in advance and really think about the layout of your stand so that buyers can easily understand what your company offering is about.

Are there any highlights at Toy Fair that stand out for you? 

The unique atmosphere only the toy industry can create, especially on media day.


Steve Cox – UK Sales Director – Keel Toys