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Stand Number: B37

Wild Card Games mission is to create games that promote sub-conscious learning through play and appeal to children, families, parents, adults, educators and retailers alike by focusing on being simple, fun and easy to learn, but with hidden strategic depth which means that you never grow too old or bored to want to play. Our award winning games have sold over £10 million in the UK, been recommended all over the national papers and magazines and been in the top sellers in some of the UKs leading retailers for the last 9 years. http://wildcardgames.com/

Who Knows Where?  is the award winning global location guessing game in which you race opponents to try to be the first player to travel around the world by locating famous places on the world map. With over 1000 locations to guess in 5 categories, including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous tourist sites and beautiful images of many iconic landmarks and is a great fun way to learn about our world. It’s quick and simple to play, with everyone playing all the time, so there’s no waiting around. Flexible rules and a double sided board allow many different ways to play, making the game easier or harder and thus accessible and appealing for a broad range of ages and abilities. With a great combination of knowledge, tactics and luck all players are able to win.

The UK & Ireland edition of Who Knows Where game is cleverly designed to be appealing and inclusive for a broad range of ages and abilities. Essential for anyone who lives in or is interested in discovering more about England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales & Ireland and already very popular with the increased interest in our own countries and growth in staycations.

1ST TO WORST! is the party game of preference. A great fun game for families, friends, and new acquaintances. Based on classic conversations about preferences, the aim is to correctly guess another player\’s order of preference from 3 choices. Choose from a wide range of topics to suit all ages and interests, including food, drink, activities, brand preferences, TV shows, films, favourite actors, sports people, singers and more. There really is something for everyone! The first choice party game that gets everyone talking and thinking – “Which would you choose?” For 3-10 players.

GUESSED LIST is the ultimate name guessing quiz game. A fun fast party game for all where you choose a List Title and then shout out as many answers as you can in 30 seconds to try to guess a specific name on the List and win the card. List Titles cover all popular trivia topics from TV Chefs to Chocolate bars, from Singers with One Name to Sports Personality winners. Can you get your name on the Guessed List and enter the Winners Club?

GLOBE RUNNER is the family board game that uniquely races through every country of the world. It is fun, educational and quick and a great way to learn all about the world. It features multiple choice questions on every country, capital, flag and more and a levelling system which allows players of different ages and abilities to play together. First around the world wins as you move from country to country, cross the International Dateline, round the treacherous Cape Horn and try not to get lost in the Sahara, Amazon or Bermuda Triangle.

Backpacker is uniquely the only game about travelling the world that is small enough to take on holiday. It thus is a great gift for anyone interested in the world or who likes foreign travel.

Mapominoes Europe is a great addictive game that’s fun, easy to learn yet strategic, and for both children and adults. You don’t need to know your geography to play, but playing rapidly improves your geographical knowledge. Due to consumer demand we have produced editions for all the continents and our country editions Mapominoes UK & Mapominoes USA are also very popular.

FRENZI is the craziest, fastest, flipping card game you’ll ever play. 4 colours, 4 numbers, 4 shapes and one fast-fingered, frenzied, frantic, flipping fun game. Simple rules, quick to play, very exciting and totally addictive for both adults and kids. It’s a lively party game that tests your observation, speed & reactions and gets everyone out of their seats!

Arithmanix is an exciting, quick playing, multi-award winning family card game of manic maths that’s popular with kids, parents and grandparents alike. There is no waiting around as everyone plays simultaneously in this fast-thinking, brain training, battle of mental arithmetic.

Astronauts is our award winning solar system space race game that has been recommended in several national magazines and endorsed by the EU Universe Awareness Programme for kids.

Ah-Harr! is our pirate memory game with a twist that is aimed at the millions of families who have bought a matching game and are now looking for something a little more involved.

6 SUITS – THE PLAYING CARDS REVOLUTION – With the millions of playing cards bought every year, 6 Suits allows you to play all your favourite card games and more in a fun new way. With 6 suits of 9 cards – It’s a playing cards revolution as the Royal Court has been thrown out. No new rules to learn as you spice up classic card games – Rummy, Poker, Brag, Crazy 8s, Cheat, President, Hearts, Trumps, 7s, Snap, Solitaire, etc. Also includes 3 new 6 suit specific games -Game Changer, 999 and Cross Out! More than just a deck of cards. Join the revolution! ”Essential for anyone who likes card games”. The game comes in a display unit holding 8 games so put this on the shelf next to your Playing cards and watch it fly.

SKI RUN is a classic interactive family race game that is popular with everyone and with its winter association the perfect Xmas gift for millions of skiers, selling well all winter till end of ski season in April. Pick your route across the piste-map board by riding up lifts and racing down runs, whilst avoiding Wiping Out, collisions or getting lost. Will you take easy blues or difficult but direct black runs. Watch for ice, whiteouts, jumps and the big freeze. Delay your rivals at ski stations and jump the queues. Find yeti shortcuts and hire skidoos to catch up. The lead changes constantly in this dynamic family game of fluctuating fortunes, where you try to use the right cards at the right time to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Play at home or on holiday for essential après ski fun for all.

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