WOW Toys

WOW Toys is well known as the highest quality preschool vehicle toy brand with indestructible products for children aged 1 to 5 years old. In addition WOW Toys also has exclusive distribution of MaddCapp giant animal jigsaw puzzles and Creagami paper crafting range all of which are high sell through ranges sought after by the public.

Mack Monster Truck

Monster Truck Mack is a colourful monster truck with realistic engine sounds and oversized rubber wheels from WOW Toys. He has a push-down engine that when pushed opens Mack’s enormous mouth to reveal a set of monster teeth!

Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred

Sort the three different recycling bins for paper, glass and garden refuse into the buckets at the front and rear of the truck, and pull the levers to send the recycling into the “crusher” to be sorted.

Danny’s Diving Adventure

Danny is full of features for little ones to discover at bath time! Flip open the top of the boat to reveal a fantastic diving board and secret cabin. Then fill the boat with bathwater and pour it out.


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